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We’re ready to be your fintech marketing partner. Whether you’re powering businesses or consumers, it’s about people experiencing life without the complexity and tediousness of legacy systems. We can help you make the connection with the audience that pushes your business forward.

Let’s run
the numbers

Here are some highlights. We’re ready to take you to the next milestone.

> $200 Million

SecureNet acquired by Worldpay

We transformed the market's perception of SecureNet, making them the industry’s next must-have.

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$875 Million

Braintree acquired by PayPal

By embracing the influence of Braintree’s biggest asset–their developer community–we turned them into PayPal’s acquisition.

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$1.2 Billion

Worldpay initial public offering

From cross-channel lead gen strategies to a new website focused on improved conversion, we fueled significant growth for Worldpay as they strived for global greatness.

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Getting acquired, going public or connecting with more customers, we can speed you forward.

Making it count

You need a big idea that people can connect to, but there’s more. You need a unified strategy for generating demand, awareness and quality leads and then staying with those leads as they navigate their sales cycle. We are a digital agency that works with emerging technologies. We can bring the speed, quality and expertise to move your business forward in the fintech space.

“The envisionit team played an instrumental role in the success and growth of Braintree. Their partnership with our marketing team and deep understanding of payments helped us build campaigns that drove results and positioned Braintree as a leader in fintech.”


SVP of Marketing, Braintree

Scale away

All innovative companies need to be able to scale quickly. And things tend to shift while in motion. We can help adapt your brand and keep your internal stakeholders aligned with where you are and want to be.

Full transparency

We share all aspects of your media buy, provide full access to your data and a complete view of performance. We work with your team to integrate reporting so all decisions are deeply informed.

It’s still money

Our clients are creating world-class user experiences around a currency that’s changing dramatically, but the underlying system is the same and it needs to be so people trust it. We understand this balance and what it means for fintech.

Putting everything to work

We can work with your internal resources, talent and assets to maximize your investment and ensure the right people are working on the right things.

We speak the language

From payment processors to alt lenders and modern brokerages, we lead the way by navigating complex regulations and building value propositions for entirely new products and categories.

Eyes on the prize

We want to move you to your next milestone. We see beyond individual campaigns and put our focus behind moving your business forward.

We’ve helped fintech companies do great things.

Appealing to an audience that eschews marketing

Since 2007, Braintree’s payment-processing technology and masterful API have transformed the way businesses accept payments in the digital age. We helped usher in this revolution by connecting the brand to their most impenetrable yet most important audience–developers.

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Entering a new economy

A familiar challenge: How to reach new markets and target audiences without abandoning your current customer base. For years Hyperwallet’s payout system has effectively and successfully provided payout solutions to the DSO industry. As the sharing economy exploded, Hyperwallet quickly realized the tremendous impact their platform would have on those businesses as well, however, their story did not speak to that, let alone to developers in the payout space looking for ease of integration.

Clearing the way for a fintech leader

When Worldpay acquired SecureNet, they took possession of their innovative technology and API, which paired with their own direct acquirer distribution advantages, packed a powerful punch. As their service offering expanded, the story they presented to the world needed to change along with it.

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